Artist Louise Carota is best known as the sculptor of the cast stainless steel figures featured in the Ottawa Fire Fighters Memorial – a public monument at City Hall. Having lived in Ottawa for many years, she has recently returned to picturesque Prince Edward Island to be near the sea. Capturing the ocean, in all of its moods, is favourite theme of her paintings.

Born in California, she moved with her family to Canada when she was young. During her teen years, she studied art in Italy and was inspired by the masterpieces of art history and the rich cultural heritage. Returning home to Canada as an adult, Louise has since lived a wide variety of experiences – and through all the changes that life brings, the one constant was always art. 

As long as she can remember, there has been a paintbrush or pencil in her hands. The artistic drive to create and make beautiful lies deep –  a steady companion that nudges Louise to explore art in all its many facets. Whether it is oil painting, renovating a house, upholstering art onto furniture, landscaping, sculpture, sewing, or doing commissioned pieces, her medium of expression is always evolving.

While sculpture is one of her great passions, she approaches other forms of creative expression with equal enthusiasm. Painting from an early age in watercolour, she ventured into oil and Acrylic a few years ago. Her paintings have been described as “realism with a dream like quality.” 

As a natural teacher, Louise loves to share the creative process with those around her. She helps others see the possibilities in a blank canvas, explore their creative side and she makes art accessible to everyone – even adults with no experience!

Art is at the core of how Louise operates in the world: Being inspired with an idea for a painting or sculpture and bringing it into reality, learning new skills, mastering techniques, being in the flow of creativity, getting comfortable with a new medium, and always pushing the limits of her craft.

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